I just uploaded SearchLink 2.1.2 with some fixes and improvements.

Among other niggling issues, if you had Amazon affiliate information set to empty or false (i.e. disabled), it would always insert an inline link, regardless of preferences. This is fixed.

I also added a preference that you can include in your ~/.searchlink file that determines whether iTunes searches have a Google fallback. If itunes_fallback is set to true and iTunes returns empty results, it will run a Google search with keywords based on your search terms and the type of iTunes search you were running (podcast, artist, software, etc.). If the result ends up being from iTunes, it will still append your affiliate link if it’s configured. This option defaults to false, so you need to add it to the config if you want to use it. Just add a line…

itunes_fallback: true

…to your ~/.searchlink file. More info on the SearchLink project page, and an example configuration file can be found here.

SearchLink has turned out to be one of the most useful writing tools I have, and I’d like to continue developing it as I can. If you find any bugs, please do report them. Also, if you use it as much as I do, I don’t mind donations at all, or even a small monthly contribution.

SearchLink v2.3.65

Generate Markdown links from web searches without leaving your editor.

Published 11/10/14.

Updated 01/16/24. Changelog

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