Yes, I updated SearchLink again (another lunchtime project). I added Amazon search (!a) and a configuration option to allow auto-creation of affiliate links. If you set the option to false it will return straight Amazon links.

The configuration involves creating an Affiliate link using Amazon’s link tool, and then examining it to find your tag, camp and creative ids. One of my links looks like this:

The parts you need are camp=1789, creative=390957, and tag=bretttercom-20 (just the parts after the = sign). Edit the Automator service by double clicking it and in the script you’ll find the variable amazon_partner. This gets set to an array that looks like:

amazon_partner = ["bretttercom-20","1789","390957"]

Also note that the variable name for the iTunes partner program setup is now itunes_affiliate, just for a little more clarity in naming conventions.

The gist has been updated to 1.5, and the original post url now redirects to a project page with full installation, configuration and usage instructions.

SearchLink v2.3.65

Generate Markdown links from web searches without leaving your editor.

Published 11/10/14.

Updated 01/16/24. Changelog

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