Version 2.1.1 of SearchLink is up, and it adds only one new feature. It’s one I’ve been using a lot, though, so I figured I’d better go ahead and share it.

If you’re anything like me (no one’s accusing you), you use reference links when blogging in Markdown. I tend to put all of the links I know I’m going to use into a block at the top of the post, and then just use [text][link title] notation to reference them. Well, SearchLink’s newish ability to work without bracket syntax is great for setting those up, but it outputs inline links that I then have to edit into reference format. No more.

With the newest version, just put a colon at the end of the search string and it will output a reference link instead.

That’s it. More info on what SearchLink actually is on the project page.

SearchLink v2.3.65

Generate Markdown links from web searches without leaving your editor.

Published 11/10/14.

Updated 01/16/24. Changelog

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