Marked IconThere’s a small bundle of scripts, commands and other oddities for Marked available from the new Marked Support Site. It will be updated and expanded over time, but it provides a few bridges that have been frequently requested.

There are services for opening the current file in the foreground application and for previewing selected text in any application. There’s a bundle of TextMate commands for the same, plus one to remove auto-generated header IDs from HTML output. There’s also a build system for Sublime Text 2, and a general-purpose AppleScript. There’s even a line to add to your .vimrc to open a Marked preview on the current file.

Check out the Marked Bonus Pack post on the knowledgebase, and feel free to use the forums there to request additional features or changes to the included scripts.

You can download the bundle directly ( file included) below.

Marked Bonus Pack v1.5

A collection of scripts, commands and bundles for Marked. Includes commands for TextMate, Sublime Text 2, (Mac)Vim and several System Services to work with any editor. Also includes scripts for compatibility with Scrivener, Evernote, MarsEdit and more.

Published 09/12/11.

Updated 09/12/11. Changelog

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