Marked 2.1 will be out in the next week (free update for Marked 2 customers), featuring faster and more accurate document statistics. The detailed statistics view (Command-I) is vastly improved, and the word repetition visualization is a complete rewrite that works within the document instead of in an overlay, allowing keyword highlighting, standard navigation and table of contents to function while it’s enabled. Even refreshing after an edit is possible.

There’s also a new “zoom” feature, which lets you zoom out of your document and navigate it at half size. Scrolling to a section while zoomed out will maintain the position when you zoom back in. This is great in word repetition mode, making it easy to see where occurences of a word occur, but also functions in regular preview mode for navigation. You just press “z” to enter and exit zoom mode.

Here’s a sneak peek at the new features. As I said, this should be released in the next few days and will be a free update for all Marked 2 users.

YouTube Video

This update also marks the removal of the last vestige of Ruby dependency in Marked. The new statistics engine is written entirely in Objective-C and handles threading and background processing much better. Calculating statistics happens in the background as soon as a document is loaded, without blocking you from using Marked while it calculates.

Word repetition is also calculated in the background when you trigger it. In most cases, the processing is nearly instant, but on longer documents it offers a progress bar at the bottom of the preview as it calculates, allowing you to continue using Marked while it analyzes the repeated words.