I’ve teamed up with Christian Tietze, maker of the excellent WordCounter app, Toketa software (iThoughtsX), and the team from Texts to create a special bundle for this year’s NaNoWriMo. Including Marked 2, it’s a full package for creative writing at a 50% discount.

The bundle includes:

  • Texts, a minimal text editor that can render Markdown text inline, so you see your markup the way it’s going to output, instead of with the Markdown syntax (also includes ePub export)
  • WordCounter, which tracks your writing progress and stats across any applications you write in
  • Marked 2, for previewing your work live using any theme, and exporting a variety of formats
  • A 30% off coupon for iThoughtsX, which combines with Marked to provide a mind-map-based means of brainstorming and structuring your writing project, and can export to Markdown and OPML (among other formats) so you can continue editing in any text editor (and it works with Marked 2)
  • A copy of Christian Tietze’s guide to Minimal Writing on the Mac, detailing ways to use simple apps to create complete novels and other writing projects

All together, it’s worth over $60, and we’re offering the full bundle for $24.99. It’s a steal, and the software and tools will be useful far beyond NaNoWriMo. Check out the bundle and purchase at writersbundle.com.