Some posts of interest from the last week:

Sponsor: Differential (Jul 17th)
A big thanks to Differential for sponsoring the blog this week. Get your MVP launched with Differential.
Systematic 105 and Overtired 5 (Jul 18th)
Systematic and Overtired both had great episodes this week. Check them out!
36 years in this skin (Jul 19th)
This is where I was before I was where I am.
Marked 2.3 on the Mac App Store (Jul 21st)
The big news this week, of course, is Marked 2 making it into the App Store. A big upgrade for non-MAS users as well.
Custom export options for Marked 2 (Jul 22nd)
Some tips for getting non-HTML exports out of Marked 2.
Tower 2 is twice the Git power (Jul 22nd)
Tower, a great graphical Git client, saw a huge update this week.
A Sublime Text selection primer (Jul 23rd)
I put together a list of tips for fast text selections in Sublime Text. Built from the list of shortcuts I’ve been practicing lately, it should be of help to anyone using Sublime Text.

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