I’m not a fan of Black Friday. You probably think I’m a snob for saying that, and that’s fine. I have some moral issus with rampant consumerism and unsustainable economics, as well as a fear of mothers who have come to stampeding into stores desperate for crap for their spoiled children. Plus, I don’t like to go shopping even on quiet days.

If you’re reading this, it means you’re not scampering through WalMart scavenging shelves of stuff that still isn’t worth what it’s priced at. You’re at home wondering how pretentious I must be to write a blog post about hating Black Friday. That’s when you realize that this is just the lead in to a shameless marketing ploy.

Despite my inhibitions, it seems prudent to offer something for the holidays. So, Marked 2 is $5 off ($8.99 US) until the end of Cyber Monday, for both the App Store and the direct versions. Get a copy for yourself, and get one for a friend who doesn’t know what to do with it. It’s still more thoughtful than that Amazon Gift card you were planning to order.

I’m not a fan of Cyber Monday, either, for the record. It’s the bastard child of Black Friday, raised on the spoils of undeserved wealth and fraught with its own conflicting inferiority and technical superiority complexes. Either way, I should have told you about Marked 2 earlier, but I had to find time to make that header image. It was important to the effectiveness of this campaign.

Anyway, Marked 2. $8.99. From the Marked 2 website, or on the App Store. Stay safe, America.