I didn’t mean to. I was absolutely working on something else. I just somehow ended up bugfixing and updating oTask for an hour. It was a vacation day, I don’t care.

Version 0.2.3 of this handy OmniFocus utility just adds a couple of command line flags, but greatly improves the accuracy of fuzzy matching and fixes a few Yosemite/Omnifocus 2 issues.


  • Better project/context fetching methods, ignore unavailable
  • Improved fuzzy match project/context name results
  • -v –version support
  • -l –list option for listing available projects and contexts
    • -l can receive either p (project) or c (context), as well as an optional :filter on the argument (e.g. ‘-l c:email’ shows all contexts containing a fuzzy match of ‘email’)
    • -c switch can be used with the -l flag to output space-separated lists for use with shell completion

The 0.2.3 code is on GitHub, the project page has been updated, and the gem has been pushed to the latest version. You can install/update with sudo gem install otask.

That’s all. As you were.