Links of interest from September 6, 2011 through September 12, 2011:

25+ jQuery Animation Tutorials
Some complex jQuery animation tutorials. If you’ve ever felt like moving beyond fade and slide, well, there you go.
The Multi-Size Web: a Computing bag by Eric Haidara
Great compilation of resources and articles on responsive web design.
“You probably hate typing the same shit over and over again. You probably sit in front of your command line prompt every day. Let’s smash those two concepts together in the face.”
NerdTool over GeekTool
I hadn’t “done the math” on NerdTool vs GeekTool on Lion yet, but Dr. Drang covered the bases for me. Looks like I’m switching back to NerdTool.
Links to Google Spreadsheet with Textexpander
Jens Poder modified one of my Markdown snippets to create links in Google Spreadsheets (with linked text). I didn’t even know there was a formula for that, so this is doubly cool.