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Happy Monday! Here’s are the websites I’ve been stumbling around in and futzing with over the last few days.

KeyRemap4Macbook & Alfred File Selection
Cool trick for adding double-tap modifier keys to Alfred (or any app with global shortcuts). Uses KeyRemap4Macbook, an old and dear friend of mine1.
This really, truly works. Convert Google Docs to Markdown with a script in your GDocs menubar. The results are emailed to you, along with any image attachments. Tested it and got nearly perfect results from most documents that were created in GDocs originally. Ones that were the result of HTML import or other scripts I run had more trouble, but that makes perfect sense as they rarely use Google’s default headline and emphasis formatting. Via OneThingWell.
The Ocean At The End Of The Lane A Review
I don’t read a lot these days, but when Patrick Rhone writes a review like this (plus, Neil Gaiman!), it’s an instabuy for me.
WebKit DOM Programming Topics: Sending Notifications
I don’t have any information coming from my web apps that I consider worth annoying users with right now, but I’ve been wondering how this is done. So, there it is.
Dad’s Casket
There’s not a lot of explanation behind this photo album, but I imagine a heartwarming story of a family building a casket for a recently-deceased father who would have truly appreciated the craftsmanship.

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  1. I recently made my second donation for KeyRemap4Macbook. Have you supported your favorite donationware lately?