Marked 2 has over 70 shortcuts for everything from exporting PDFs to navigating the preview. Not knowing them doesn’t affect you, but knowing them can be very handy. I put together some cheat sheets to help with that.

I built the first one for Cheaters, my own project for collecting cheat sheets. You can find a preview of it on the Cheaters Demo page.

You can also grab one for Dash below. If you run Cheaters in the recommended Fluid instance, you’ll have quick search, but if you’re already running Dash, this version is an excellent way to find a shortcut quickly.

The Preview Navigation features in Marked are my favorite set of shortcuts, all single-key actions for moving, bookmarking, searching, auto-scrolling, and more. If you’ve never explored them, check out the cheat sheet and see what you’re missing. For those, you can also type “?” while in a Marked 2 preview window and see all available shortcuts right in the window. Did you know you can type “f” and then any part of a headline title (fuzzy matched) to quickly jump to that section of a document?

Check out Marked 2 (currently only $9.99), and grab either Cheaters or the Dash docset to push it to the next level.

Marked 2 Docset for Dash v1

A cheat sheet docset for

Published 06/23/15.

Updated 06/23/15. Changelog

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