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I’ve updated the Markdown Service Tools again, now at version 1.5.2. A couple of Services had stopped working completely, and a few needed improvements to be a little smarter with various formatting anomalies, and I made a couple of minor additions.

Once installed, the Services are available in any text field on your System. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to them for easy access. They’re not as fast as KeyBindings, but much more flexible with more complex formatting and scripting.

The current collection includes:


  • Link Selection (uses clipboard if a link is found)
  • Auto-link web search (DuckDuckGo first result)
  • Inline links to references (uses domains as reference titles, no dupes)
  • Reference Links From Clipboard (parses out links in clipboard text)
  • Links From Chrome Tabs
  • Links From Safari Tabs
  • Self-link Standalone URLs


  • Bullet List (create or convert to bullet list)
  • Ordered List (create or convert to numbered list)
  • Fix Ordered List (re-numbers lists, handles nested lists)


  • Wrap Angle Brackets
  • Wrap Parenthesis
  • Wrap Square Brackets
  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Indent Selection (create code/poetry blocks, indent list items)
  • Outdent
  • Blockquote Selection
  • Convert Indents to Quote Level (blockquotes respecting indentation)

Conversion and utilities

  • Preserve line breaks (appends two spaces to each line, forcing hard breaks)
  • Unwrap Paragraphs (remove line breaks between adjacent lines)
  • Cleanup Tables (reformats MMD tables to be readable, via Fletcher Penney)
  • MultiMarkdown to HTML (works with regular Markdown, too)
  • HTML to Clipboard
  • Convert HTML to Markdown (Markdownify)


Install by unzipping and moving all the .workflow and .service files to [HOME FOLDER]/Library/Services. If you can’t find your Library folder, it’s just hidden. In Finder, type G, type in ~/Library/Services and hit Enter. Now you can copy the files into that window. If for some reason you don’t have a “Services” folder in Library, just create it (with a capital “S”).

Markdown Service Tools v3.0.3

The Markdown Service Tools are a collection of macOS Services designed to make creating Markdown-formatted text that much easier. Services work in almos any macOS application.

Published 01/09/14.

Updated 09/14/20. Changelog

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