I’ve updated the service mentioned in the post “Automated search and link text.” The Yahoo API broke (was sunset) and I needed to rewrite it to work with Bing instead. The result is below, and can also replace the md-Luck Link service from the Markdown Service Tools.

The service, in case you’re not familiar with it, takes selected text in any text field, runs a web search for it and replaces the text with an inline Markdown link to the first result. When linking obvious things it works really well. Results on more obscure searches, obviously, can be interesting (to say the least). Installation instructions for System Services can be found in the how-to section.

This hasn’t been thoroughly tested, but it’s working well for me. If you have any bug reports, please contact me.

Auto-link Web Search v2

A Snow Leopard Service that takes selected text, runs a Bing search for it and returns the first result as a Markdown link around the original text.

Published 08/27/11.

Updated 08/27/11. Changelog

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