The last time I talked about Bunch I had just added a command in the Bunch beta for running macOS Shortcuts. After working with a user on Sunday, I made it a bit more useful.

The command now accepts text input (which can be the content of ${variables}), and also returns results if the Shortcut provides text output, which can then be assigned to Bunch variables. To send text, just include it in double quotes after the Shortcut name:

(shortcut New Project "${projecttitle}")

If the Shortcut contains a “Stop and output” action that returns text, you can assign that result to a variable the same way you would capture shell script output:

project_name = (shortcut New Project)

Handy stuff.

I think I’ve also finally found the issue with spaces in the path for a Bunch folder. So much weird behavior in that area, but it came down to creating the NSURL with the wrong method. I think.

Please note that all of this is currently only in the beta (155 as of this writing). It needs a bit of testing before I push it out to the world. If you want to help (or just try out the new features), grab the beta download here.

And as evidenced by this little feature boost, I respond kindly to Discussions, so please join us there!