Apparently this is just what I do early in the mornings now. Bunch 1.0.4 is out. It’s a pretty heavy code overhaul, switching most functions that were using AppleScript over to NSWorkspace, which you probably won’t notice but it solves some security and performance issues. It also does a better job of checking whether it really needs to execute a function (i.e. is the app already running? Closed? Hidden?). It’s speedier all around.

The real front-facing change is that it now handles any URL scheme. Previously it only opened web urls, but now you can put any url handler call on its own line and it will be executed just like any URL.

There’s also a feature where you can put an underscore at the end of an app name and it will hide the app after launch, but it’s not consistently working yet. (I don’t want to just sit and poll for the app to finish launching, and I couldn’t get a notification observer to function properly with appDidFinishLaunching…). So that’s kind of a hit and miss feature that’s not included in the docs yet.

That’s all, I have to do real work now. This little app has come along nicely, though. Download and updated docs on the Bunch project page. And yes, I really should just go ahead and add Sparkle to it, but I’m just not taking it that seriously yet.