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Do You Use It? Finder Tags See Focused Use
I haven’t written about tagging for a long time because I felt like, at this point, I’ve convinced everyone who could be convinced about their usefulness. That still appears to be true, but this TidBits article talks a little bit more about the ways people use Finder tags.
DAK and the Golden Age of Gadget Catalogs
Oh my god, I loved these catalogs and this tribute from Cabel is an amazing read and a well-deserved homage.
CleanCocoa/OpenAny: macOS app and file launching springboard
Create a link to open any file directly in any app. Some interesting automation possibilities. From the developer behind TableFlip.
You probably know I’m an OmniFocus guy, but I’m always trying the latest in todo apps. This one bills itself as “a todo app for people who hate todo apps,” and it looks pretty great for exactly those people. “Works just like Notes, with smarts of a calendar.”
WriteMapper — Content writing tool that uses AI and mind maps.
You know I love me some mind maps, especially for content development, and I’m fascinated by the possibilities of generative AI, and along comes a tool that uses both.

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