Thanks to Pleexy for sponsoring this week! If you need to connect tasks from disparate sources to Todoist or Microsoft To Do, it’s a solid tool at a great price (free for up to two connections).

Tasks can come from anywhere: emails, notes, project management apps, and collaboration tools. Instead of getting real work done, you end up losing track of deadlines and wasting time switching back and forth between the tools you use. Enter Pleexy.

Pleexy is the simplest way to manage all your tasks in one place. It brings all your tasks from Trello, Evernote, Outlook, JIRA, Asana, and other widely used productivity apps into your preferred task manager: Todoist or Microsoft To Do. Then it automatically keeps your tasks synchronized between both sides of each integration. We handle the busywork for you so you can start and end each day with a single overview of your projects across work and life.

Pleexy doesn’t replace the task manager you know and love - it helps you get

the most out of it by channeling all your tasks into it. Here’s the best part. Pleexy is an integration tool built exclusively to automate the task management experience. This means you don’t have to manually design workflows using multiple if-then scenarios in order to sync your data between apps. You can set up a connection between your task manager and your source application in less than five minutes. Pleexy allows very flexible configuration on how you want to sync your tasks:

  • Specify which tasks you want to sync. You can filter tasks by teams, projects, notebooks, assignees, and other parameters depending on your source application.
  • Define where tasks will be created. Specify which projects your tasks will fall under in your task manager.
  • Customize your sync rules. You can control how Pleexy creates, names, and synchronizes your tasks and task attributes like due dates, labels, and priority levels.
  • Save time managing your tasks. Choose what happens when you change, delete, or complete tasks on either side of the integration. Any changes made on one side will be instantly synced on the other.

With a single destination for all your tasks, it’s easier to identify your priorities across projects and focus on doing real, meaningful work. Start taking better control of your tasks wherever they’re from — with Pleexy.

Sign up for Pleexy today — it’s entirely free for up to two connections.

For unlimited connections, you can always upgrade to a Premium plan for just $4 a month (or $40 a year). readers can get 20% off our annual plan!