Thanks to MacUpdater for sponsoring again this week! I’m a satisfied customer myself!

MacUpdater can scan your Mac and tell you which of your installed apps are not up-to-date.

MacUpdater can also update those outdated apps to their latest versions with a simple click.

MacUpdater can silently run in the background, checking your apps for updates every day, and letting you know with a notification once a new update for any installed app is available.

MacUpdater currently detects updates for over 35,000 apps and can automatically update more than 5,000 popular apps with a single click.

After launching MacUpdater you’ll see a list of all your apps. Apps with available updates are listed in red, apps that are up-to-date are listed in green. There are filter-options to display just outdated apps or ignore apps from being updated. Furthermore, you can automatically backup apps before updating or make safety-backups of downloaded updates.

MacUpdater is permanently free for discovering updates for your apps. Updating more than 10 apps requires a one-time-purchase - no subscription or even registration is needed. All readers get 10% off by using the BRETTTERPSTRA coupon-code during purchase.

Ready to get started? Head to for more information and to download the free trial.

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