Just a reminder, Macstock 2019 is happening in just over a month. Which is soon, but there’s still time to plan your trip to the Chicago area for a weekend of hanging out with fellow Apple nerds and absorbing some Mac and iOS knowledge from the amazing speaker lineup (and me).

A final addition to the session lineup is especially exciting to me. My girlfriend, Elle Newman, will be teaching “Yoga for Nerds” in the mornings before the sessions. Starting with some wrist, neck, and back care you can do while sitting at a desk, it’s going to include the exercises that turned me from a wreck to a trooper. I used to have constant back pain, and my wrists were so painful I would be unable to work for entire days. If you spend time at a keyboard, I highly recommend fitting that session into your morning. The second session will be a bit more what you imagine when someone says “yoga,” but you can show up in your regular clothes and everything you need will be provided. This stuff has turned my health around, I’m excited that Elle will be able to share it with my friends and colleagues.

And remember, you can still get a discount on your tickets by using the code TERPSTRA when you buy. Make your plans now!