Thanks to CleanMyMac X for sponsoring this week! I’ve been using CleanMyMac X for a long time now, and the latest version extends it far enough to be a replacement for at least two other apps on my system. It’s a pleasure to have them sponsoring the blog this week.

CleanMyMac X, as the name suggests, helps you do the cleaning chores on your Mac. But apart from this obvious use, there’s another cool thing rarely mentioned about CleanMyMac X — it lets you peek underneath your macOS. It digs out all the files you’ve forgotten about, stealth extensions, unused DMG installers, apps, and everything else that passes unnoticed on your computer.

Finding the large and old files

CleanMyMac X is the only cleaner that specifically detects rarely-opened files on your Mac. As we all know, our Downloads folder often becomes a massive graveyard for files. And who hasn’t saved files into random folders at some point? CleanMyMac X solves this with its Large & Old file scanner that sorts files by kind and their size. For example, you can find large movies that you last opened one year ago — a quick method to free up space.

Unused Apps: How to Dig Them Out?

Some apps don’t show up in the Launchpad. Some are forever buried in the Applications folder. CleanMyMac X has a built-in Uninstaller that might as well be called “App detective.” There are special filters for unused apps, 32-bit apps, app leftovers, and even apps coming from different developers. Finding out how many (or few) apps you actually use can be eye-opening for many users.

Folders that slipped through the cracks

The newest tool in CleanMyMac X’s arsenal is called “Space Lens.” It displays your entire folder tree in the form of differently-sized bubbles. This way users can explore their hard drive and spot the largest space wasters as well as “Russian dolls,” folders located inside other folders. It can serve as a nice alternative to Finder that minimizes the number of clicks needed to find a file.

Every Mac Has a “Junk” Story to Tell

Your Mac’s system junk may hold 1 GB of space, or just as easily, 320 GB, depending on your user habits. CleanMyMac X tackles this by categorizing junk that rarely shows up in search. Programmers may find hundreds of unused disk images, designers will find the intermediate versions of their projects and so on. As ironic as it may sound, digging through System Junk may be far from boring.

Everything Else You Don’t Want on Your Mac

Here are a few more ideas how you can use CleanMyMac X in your Mac life:

  • Delete adware and malware like cryptocurrency miners
  • Disable hung apps and heavy memory consumers
  • Delete browser junk and extensions
  • Erase chat and messenger history

Grab your copy of CleanMyMac X here

CleanMyMac X as available as a subscription and as a one-time purchase. You can download a free trial from the developer’s site. Crafted by independent Mac developer, MacPaw, CleanMyMac X passed Apple notarization as a malware-free application.