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Managing a massive amount of data on your website can be an exercise in frustration. It can take hours to build and integrate a table into your website, only to find that something’s not quite right when you hit refresh.

wpDataTables, the #1 WordPress plugin for tables and charts, avoids data management problems by helping you avoid 5 major issues that can drive you to distraction.

The 5 main issues and the solutions provided by wpDataTables

Major Issue #1: Wasting Time Organizing Data

Building a price list or product catalog for a website can necessitate working with and organizing extensive amounts of data and can be a huge waste of time when done manually.

The Solution: wpDataTables will organize the same amount of data in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is import the data and follow a few simple steps.

Major Issue #2: Needing 5 Different Plugins

Creating a chart, a table, or a form for your website usually requires using 3 different plugins and understanding how to work with them.

The Solution: With wpDataTables you can create any type of table. The wpDataChart wizard will convert your table to a chart, and the wpDataTables addon that integrates Gravity forms makes creating a form a no-brainer. Configuring any or all three is also an easy task.

Major Issue #3: Ruining the Design of Your Website

When organizing a huge amount of data, you run the risk of compromising your design. The result can be a well-organized table that is also an ugly one.

The Solution: wpDataTables allows you to adjust a table’s design to your liking by adding colors, changing font sizes, editing columns according to type, and highlighting cells, rows, or columns base on their content.

Major Issue #4 Having a Hard Time Navigating the Data

Visitors have a hard time finding precisely what they’re looking for.

The Solution: wpDataTables has put extra effort into its filtering features. This allows you to display a filter below each column, create a filter within each form, and put the powerful Cascade Filtering and Independent Cascade Filtering features to work. You can also hide the table before filtering and use the Search button to make the table apply filters.

Major Issue #5: Taking Forever to Load a Page Due to the Amount of Data

It doesn’t do a lot of good to organize a massive amount of data if the page takes forever to load. A typical user will click X and move on.

The Solution: wpDataTables automatically creates responsive mega tables allowing you to display the table on different devices, hide the table until the entire page loads, and scroll the table horizontally.

Is wpDataTables Right for You?

You don’t have to write a line of code to organize and publish data in table, chart, or graph formats, over 17,000 people have chosen wpDataTables because of its ease of use and time-saving features, and it’s easy to learn. The answer should be a resounding Yes!


If you’ve been struggling to display a massive amount of data in a concise and well-organized format on your website, you can let wpDataTables do it for you. All it takes is a few clicks, and it takes mere minutes instead of the hours it could take to do the job manually.

You can also manage your data without having to compromise on load speed, navigation, or other website design features.