MultiMarkdown 4.7 was recently released, and I decided it was time to catch my Quicklook plugin up with it. This version of the MultiMarkdown QuickLook plugin allows for custom styling when previewing Markdown files in Finder. Full details on GitHub.

The only changes aside from the binary update are to the CSS files, which had comments in them that MultiMarkdown was mistaking for headlines when generating the {{TOC}} results. That’s right, MultiMarkdown 4.7 has automatic table of contents generation.

There are lots of other new things in MultiMarkdown lately, so if you haven’t updated your own installations, you should. [%metadata] replacements are one of my favorite new features, allowing you to use the [%key] format to include text from any MMD headers defined in your document.

The new QuickLook plugin source is on GitHub, and there’s a compiled version ready to install on the release page for 1.1.