If you’re interested in putting more of your brain into your productivity pursuits, Luc P. Beaudoin’s book Cognitive Productivity is one you’ll want to read.

Luc is a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science, currently adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University where hes developed software to enhance self-regulated learning.

The book covers the concepts, principles and strategies surrounding using knowledge to enhance productivity. It doesn’t start with the tools, as a lot of us tend to do, but rather focuses on what you need to know about your brain and yourself to start enhancing productivity.

Tools aren’t neglected, though, and Part 3 of the book is dedicated to building a toolbox that harnesses tech and software to build serious productivity.

The book is published on Leanpub, where it can be (and is) constantly updated. Leanpub allows a flexible pricing scheme, and the suggested price for this publication is $22.99.

The author has generously provided five copies of Cognitive Productivity for my readers. If you’re interested in reading up on intelligently approaching productivity, just enter below. Entries will be accepted until 12:00pm CST on Saturday, December 14th.

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Be sure to check out Cognitive Productivity on Leanpub!