announced a new feature today called “Broadcast.” It’s a way to selectively subscribe to and receive push notifications from the news sources most important to you.

When a source you’ve subscribed to publishes a Broadcast, you recieve a push notification (of whatever type you prefer) on your iOS or Android device. Broadcasters are allowed a maximum of 12 alerts per day, and most of the channels have far fewer than that.

As social media begins to replace RSS for many people, it’s easier than ever for things you care about to get lost in your stream. This is a great way to easily highlight just the news you want to stay on top of. It’s also a great way for readers to stay abreast of happenings, especially if they want to follow blogs with a slower posting rate (like this one).

You just need the iOS or Android app to subscribe to a broadcast. For more information on how to publish your own, see the announcement post. If you browse the available channels, you’ll find, too!