nvNotes on iTunes

I mentioned nvNotes back in September. People seemed to dig the idea (Notational Velocity for iPhone), but there was one big thing missing: Dropbox sync. Well, it’s moved one step closer: it now saves your notes to a Dropbox folder. It doesn’t read them back or pick up new notes yet, but we’re moving in the right direction.

When nvNotes gets two-way sync (which I’m told is currently being worked on), it will become a viable contender for my iOS note-taking preference. I may never actually settle on one, but I love watching the field expand.

Good news, too: nvNotes is on sale this weekend for $0.99. What better time to pick up yet another notes app and take it for a spin? Get it on sale and benefit when the full sync is introduced.

Important tip: it’s not immediately obvious, but to end editing a note and get back to the search/notes list, you just swipe to the right. It works really well, but if you don’t know it’s there you’re stuck!