For the next 3 days, MacPaw is offering a 30% off sale on every app in their suite, including CleanMyMac 3, Gemini, MacHider, and CleanMyPC.

I’ve talked a lot about CleanMyMac 3, (even included it in my last e-book, 60 Mac Tips: Volume 2), and I use it regularly for keeping my system lean and mean, as well as maintenance tasks and secure file deletion (among other things). I also use Gemini, and it’s especially handy for locating duplicate files taking up space. Honestly, it’s the best out of the multiple apps I’ve tried for that purpose, matching files with minor variations that others wouldn’t pick up on and determining their level of difference.

So if you’re looking for some end of year savings on some best-in-class apps, take advantage of the great deals on CleanMyMac 3, Gemini, MacHider, CleanMyPC at the MacPaw Store.