Links of interest for October 18, 2012: Presentations Made Beautiful
Oh, wow. wow, wow, wow. I spent years looking for a solid HTML presentation solution, and reveal.js is tops in my book. This is a Keynote-ish online editor to create reveal.js decks without HTML coding (or just paste HTML into the source panel). Amazing work.
Send SMS to Messages and run commands with AppleScript - Mac OS X Hints
There just are not enough hours in a day—even if you don’t sleep—to explore all of the tinkering possibilities. This is intriguing, though… I can do the same with IFTTT, but now we can cut out the middleman.
An API builder for web and mobile apps. and I haven’t tried this out yet, but it’s free and if it does what it says on the box I’ll be a happy camper. Could someone please add some hours to the day for me?
Word Cloud Generator
A word cloud generator written in JavaScript. Faster than Wordle, and very slick.

Honorable mention: Drew’s Script-O-Rama
Ok, there are some shady popups and some nasty design going on here, but seriously, full scripts and transcripts for my favorite movies in plain text?