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Update: The spreadsheet has been frozen for now, results coming soon!

I’m working on a big iOS text editor comparison post, but the number of things to check and test is a bit overwhelming. I’d like to crowdsource it, and I’m looking for your help. I’ve set up a Google spreadsheet with public access and would love contributions.

The editors listed on the first sheet are the ones that I already own (and can remember right now). Obviously, I have enough that keeping all the features straight is something I could use a little help with. The second sheet is for you to add additional editors I may have missed. Please stick to plain text/Markdown editors.

For each editor there’s a list of features for comparison, as well as space to add notes about special features. For your favorite editor(s) (or any that you’re familiar with), just “x” in the box for the standard features listed or leave blank if it the feature is unsupported. Feel free to add columns for editors I missed, and use the “Special features” to list as many as you like. If a “special feature” is common enough across the editors, I’ll add a row for it under standard features. If your favorite editors are already filled in, take a look over and correct/append to existing answers.

There’s also a sheet called “Contributors.” I’d like to thank anyone who helps out on this, so be sure to add your name and an optional URL if you’d like to be linked.

If you’re willing to jump in and contribute, just head to the iOS Text Editors spreadsheet and fill in what you can.