Links of interest from March 17, 2012 through March 28, 2012:

This is a really handy little jQuery plugin for touch events, even for desktop browsers where you want to capture holds, drags and double-clicks. Lightweight with a good API.
jQuery Scroll Path
I have no practical use (that I can think of) for this Canvas/jQuery-based scrolling plugin that lets you cause standard scroll gestures to weave around in any direction(s) you choose. I love it anyway.
Everything you always wanted to know about touch icons
Really great post on touch icons (“favicons” for iOS website/app display). Up-to-date with new iPad retina info.
Sexy Code Snippet Management With Gists
I’ve been treading down this path myself lately. Sublime Text 2 on Github action is kind of hot.
Download, Install, Use iphome - elastic threads
Elastic Thread’s sweet self-serve (Dropbox or web server) iPod/iPhone homepage with multiple search engines and shortcuts for your most-used sites.