iTextEditors continues to be one of the most popular destinations on this site, but it’s getting a little bit stale. I’ve kept it up to date with all of the submissions that come in, but I’ve seen a dozen new text editors come through the App Store that I haven’t had time to try out. I need a hand.

If you’re not familiar with iTextEditors, it’s a feature comparison chart for iOS text editors that includes up-to-date App Store information for every editor it covers. I’ll be adding new criteria to it soon, and finally finishing a mobile version, but it’s a great overview as is1. You can click a row to highlight it, and click column headers to filter the rows. Click any editor title to jump to its App Store information.

If you develop a text editor for iOS, it’s worth adding your app. The chart gets a few hundred views every day, and sometimes thousands depending on who’s linking to it at any given time. It’s good exposure, and it takes five minutes of your time to be on it.

If you’re a user who has experience with any iOS text editor, whether it’s for notes, journaling, or long-form writing, your contributions are greatly appreciated. I’m always looking for new submissions, corrections, and updates. If you know of an editor that should be included but don’t have all the answers, prod the developer to submit their app!

Submit the info through this form. The only requirement is that the app handles plain text (no RTF, DOC, PDF, etc. editors unless they have a specific mode for text editing). Help me keep a great community resource up to date!

  1. Among others, it needs a column indicating updates for the latest iPhone/iPad dimensions, Markdown flavors, custom keyboard usage, and hopefully Bittorrent Sync support soon