I’ve made a small update to QuickQuestion. It adds the ability to specify part of the answer to be copied to the clipboard when one of the scripts (Alfred, Launchbar, CLI) runs. You format it with @copy(part to copy) and use it inline. The @copy syntax is stripped out when the answer is displayed, just like @(metadata). So if the answer to your question is a command, url or anything else you’re probably going to copy and paste anyway, just add something like this:

You can monitor all file access with @copy(sudo opensnoop)

The answer would be presented as “You can monitor all file access with sudo opensnoop,” and sudo opensnoop would be copied to your clipboard. If you don’t have an @copy() in the answer, nothing special happens.

If your answers are in Markdown files and you’re having any trouble querying them, this will help.

QuickQuestion v1.1

A set of scripts for building and querying a plain-text knowledgebase on OS X. Includes CLI, LaunchBar actions and Alfred extensions. Works great with Notational Velocity/nvALT, but does just fine without.

Published 10/02/11.

Updated 10/02/11. Changelog

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Source and downloads also on GitHub.