I apologize for the slow posting over the last couple of weeks. Between working on BitWriter, Marked 2, a couple of freelance projects, and entertaining a visiting family of 5, it’s been a rough period for getting any “extracurricular” projects done.

That being said, I did wrap up version 1.0 of a tool I’ve been using on my own for a while. It’s called the “ExtraInfo Service,” and is basically a reimagining of the ExtraInfo script for TaskPaper. I just wanted it to work everywhere…

Now you can use a tag like “@map(ExtraInfo Documentation)” anywhere in your notes, and running the service on it will open up a mind map that’s linked back to your current document. If it doesn’t already exist, it creates it for you, complete with placeholder variables so it’s ready to rock, and if it does exist it will just jump straight to editing it. It’s configurable, and you can change the @keywords, add and remove apps and template types, and start building a multi-app wiki of information.

A short screencast would make a lot more sense than this picture, but you know, time…

What you see is an nvALT note that was created from a line in an OmniOutliner document (which it links back to). The nvALT note contains a link to an iThoughtsX mind map, and the main node of that map links back to the nvALT note.

The details and downloads are all up on the ExtraInfo project page.

Ok, back to work.