Update: I just pushed out version 1.8.8 with a minor fix for some spacebar-in-forms issues. The download link and auto-update file have already been updated. Thanks to John P for the bug report!

This is relatively minor update for Instapaper Beyond, the Safari extension which gives you full Ajax loading and keyboard control over Instapaper. It does, however, have one very cool new feature, and one often-requested fix.

The new feature is type-ahead folder selection in the popup HUDs for Move To and Go To Folder. When the HUD pops up, you can just start typing and it will find the first folder that matches the letters you’ve typed and select it. The arrow keys function as usual, and enter or right arrow will open the selected folder. If you type a few letters and then hit backspace or escape, it will clear the filter field. If you pause for a second, then start typing again, it will start a new filter, QuickSilver/Launchbar style.

The other noticeable change is that it works better with Greystyled now. It’s not perfect, as Greystyled wants to do its own thing with the Ajax-loaded text versions and there’s a major conflict. I check for Greystyled now, though, and give it a little leeway. The text view will not look like it does in Greystyled without IB loaded, but it will work for you.

If you have Instapaper Beyond loaded, it will either update automatically, or show up in your available updates if you have auto-updates turned off. If you haven’t loaded it, download it below and give it a try!

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