Clippable to Evernote Snow Leopard Service

clippabletoevernote110309 Clippable to Evernote will allow you to trigger the Clippable bookmarklet in Safari and copy the result directly to your “Unfiled” notebook in Evernote. This service is Snow Leopard-only. If you need it modified for Leopard and aren’t sure how, let me know. If there’s some interest, I’ll just work one up and post it.

To install in Snow Leopard, just unzip (double-click the zip file) the file and move the resulting .workflow file to [your home directory]/Library/Services. It should now appear in your Safari->Services menu, in Safari only. To add a keyboard shortcut to the Service, go to the Keyboard pane in System Preferences, choose the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, select Services on the left and find the Clippable… service on the right. Double click on the right side of the listing to enter a hotkey. I currently have mine bound to control-command-E, which works well for me in Safari.

Download here.

Brett Terpstra

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