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CSV to MultiMarkdown table update

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I’ve made a quick update to the “Tables - Create from CSV” Service in the Markdown Service Tools that I posted last month. It fixes an error (thanks to Javier Jarava for the report) that would occur if any line in the middle of the CSV data ended with whitespace, as well as offering cleaner exits if an error occurs in parsing the CSV.

See more details on the Service here, on the Markdown Service Tools here, and download v2.14 of the tools with the updated Service below. I’ve also updated the Gist for those using it as a standalone script.

Markdown Service Tools v2.14

The Markdown Service Tools are a collection of OS X Services designed to make creating Markdown-formatted text that much easier. Services work in any OS X Cocoa based application.

Updated Wed Aug 17 2016.

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Web Excursions for August 16, 2016

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This week’s web excursions brought to you in partnership with Udemy. Learn Anything.

Colorized man pages: Understood and customized
An awesome tip I recieved via Alex Krivov. Adds color to the Unix man command with a simple update to your shell init files.
Hey Siri
A list of Siri commands (English and German). I use Siri for what I know she can do, but this compilation is very helpful in further exploration of Siri as a productivity tool.
NetFlix Streaming by Alternate Genres (Extended List)
A collection of genre links that Netflix doesn’t expose in its interface. Looking specifically for cult horror movies? No problem.
Trunk Notes
One of my early favorites on the iPhone, Trunk Notes has continued to improve. Definitely worth checking out the latest version.
How Chef Yotam Ottolenghi Reset the Table
I ordered two of Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbooks almost immediately after reading this article.

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The Systematic Casting Call is back!

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The Systematic casting call is open for submissions! Here’s the TLDR: I’m looking for new podcast guests for Systematic and you can submit an intro to the Audiodrop. More details at the end, but here’s some backstory.

If you’ve followed my story over the last year, it’s been a rough one. To sum up: I’ve been treated for ADHD and bi-polar for the last decade, successfully, and the diagnoses and treatment changed my life. A year ago, the psychiatrist I’d been seeing for the last 5 years retired, and when I was placed with a new one, he immediately cut most of my meds. This left me unable to work, and the process of trying to find a new doctor went horribly, ultimately leaving me with the label of “doctor shopper” and making it nearly impossible to get help. Over this time, all of my work suffered, including progress on BitWriter (the commercial nvALT) and Marked 2, and my podcast schedule (Overtired and Systematic) dwindled to every other week at best.

I recently underwent extensive (and expensive) testing to “prove” my conditions were real. My bi-polar diagnosis changed slightly to a more generalized “cycling mood disorder,” and my ADHD diagnosis was augmented to “ADHD Inattentive.” I applied for a waiting list for the psych department at the facility that handled the testing, and just came up on the list a couple of weeks ago.

My new doctor there was able to take my history of successful treatment and my test results and put me back on the meds that helped me. I’m currently back to work and extremely grateful that the nightmare is over. I actually think I’m in an even better place than before, as the year without meds forced me to focus on other ways to deal with my ADHD, including exercise and meditation, and now I can augment the medications with practices that keep me not only productive, but far healthier than I’ve been in the last decade.

So, the casting call

As a result, I’m working on amping my Systematic schedule back up. This means I need more guests!

To sum up the show, I’ll quote my favorite iTunes review ever: “Brett asks the awkward questions with wide-eyed curiosity.” We talk about the jobs and hobbies that make each guest unique, and I learn something every week. I make a point of bringing on guests that no one in the tech/podcast world have heard from before, and love talking to people outside of the usual “tech” community.

So what makes you qualified to be a guest?

  • You love what you do, whether it’s your day job or a side pursuit
  • You’re open and willing to answer those “awkward questions”
  • You have a decent microphone (or can borrow one) and internet connection

To apply, you can record a short introduction. It doesn’t need to be long, just enough to let me know what you do that might be interesting. Upload it to the Audiodrop and add a message with any details or links you’d like. I sometimes take a while time to get back to people, but I review every submission. I’d love to hear from you!

If you don’t personally want to be a guest but would like to suggest one, please feel free to use the contact form to let me know!

The DevMate Mac Dev Survey results

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DevMate recently asked 679 Mac developers about their experiences selling inside and outside Apple’s App Store. The results of the survey are enlightening, and of special interest to anyone currently deciding where and how to offer their app for sale.

See what developers are saying about profitability, ease, review processes and more in the Mac Dev Survey results.

Web Excursions for August 05, 2016

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This week’s web excursions brought to you in partnership with Udemy. Learn Anything.

David Chang’s Unified Theory of Deliciousness
I’ve written (as many have) about the parallels between cooking and programming. David Chang of Momofuku waxes a little more philosophical about the code behind cooking. I can’t tell you how much I love this.
God in the Grit
Despite being atheist, I find religion fascinating. Call me an educated outside observer. I started working on a new podcast with Rabbi Eric Linder a while back (still in progress), but in the meantime he’s started up a new podcast with a Presbyterian reverend to discuss a wide range of topics from a religious perspective.
Marp - Markdown Presentation Writer
An editor for creating, presenting, and exporting slide decks using Markdown. Similar to Deckset, except the editor is built in, the code is open source, and you can build custom themes.
The Git GUI with a visual, intuitive, cross-platform experience and one-click undo functionality! Indexed search of commit messages, notes, and more.
Taut - the fast, beautiful macOS native Slack app — Kickstarter
A Kickstarter to support building a native macOS client for Slack. There’s room for improvement, so I’d be curious to see this happen.
Quick reminders from Terminal (bash) - Linux version
A quick modification of my reminders cli for Linux.

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Product Hunt bookmarklet update

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I posted a bookmarklet for quickly opening Product Hunt product links in the same browser tab in June. It was based on a specific CSS selector for finding the “Get It” link, and Product Hunt has since changed the markup, breaking the bookmarklet.

This is just a quick update to a more forgiving selector path that should be relatively future-proof to avoid reoccurrence of the issue should the markup continue to change.

This version also handles Get It buttons with dropdown menus containing both website and App Store links (it chooses the website link).

Just drag the button below to your bookmarks bar (removing the older one if you have it installed) and click it when you’re on a Product Hunt product page.