Readability2 leaks out


So my modification of the Readability bookmarklet kind of snuck out before it was ready, but it’s my own fault. Now I’m scrambling a little to make it more presentable and less of a straight-up hack of the excellent original. I wanted to make a few things clear about my goals and purpose on this one.

First the entire project was really a subset of my attempt at a better Evernote clipper for Snow Leopard. One which allowed me to preserve code formatting and automatically remove comments and ads from the post, in a smarter fashion than the current Safari clipper does. I built it as a System Service and run it with a hotkey. You can download it and try it out, if you like. I’ll make a more accessible version with instructions shortly.

This is why I removed the formatting options from the bookmarklet… Evernote was going to strip all of that out anyway. Originally, I was just using the code to strip out ads and find the meat. The modifications to preserve code blocks, movies, etc. were simply working toward the “perfect” Evernote clip.

It works for what it is, but wasn’t really intended to be used without the Evernote Service. If I get enough feedback, and no cease and desist orders from the original creators, I’ll continue to modify it. One thing you can certainly do to help is provide me with URL’s to pages it fails on; the more scenarios I can study, the smarter I can make it.

Brett Terpstra

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