Thanks to TextExpander for sponsoring this week! Choosing the right prefix can be a real head scratcher, so Josh presents some great tips this week.

Do you want to save time and typing with text shortcuts that can expand into anything you want? Whether it’s a simple email signature, a complex code snippet, or a personalized greeting, TextExpander can help you easily create and manage those snippets.

But how do you choose a good prefix for your snippets? A prefix is a symbol or letter that you type before your snippet abbreviation to trigger the expansion. For example, if you have a snippet for your phone number with the abbreviation “phn”, you can use a prefix like comma comma (,,) to type “,,phn” and get your phone number instantly.

Choosing a good prefix can make your Snippets more convenient and consistent. But different prefixes have different advantages and disadvantages. That’s why we asked some TextExpander experts — like Brett — to share their tips and tricks on how to choose the best prefix for your Snippets.

Some of the prefixes they use are:

  • Comma comma (,,): This prefix is easy to type and remember, and it doesn’t interfere with punctuation or grammar. However, it may not work well on mobile devices, where you have to switch keyboards to access the comma.

  • Semicolon (;): This prefix is also easy to type and remember, but has the same mobile drawbacks as comma comma.

  • Period (.): This prefix is very convenient and accessible, especially on mobile devices. However, it may interfere with sentences or URLs that end with a period, or with some programming languages that use it.

  • X: This prefix easy to access on mobile but may cause unintended expansions.

Watch Brett and other TextExpander experts discuss which prefixes they use.

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