Version 2.0 of Hook is out, and there’s a lot to talk about. Creator Luc Beaudoin was on Mac Power Users recently, discussing Hook among other things. You can see everything that’s new in the Hook 2.0 Release Notes.

If you’ve checked out Hook in the past but weren’t sold, take a fresh look at it. There’s an updated UI, including a full browser with previews for hooked items, pinned hooks, and an expansion of the way hooks can act as bookmarks. As part of this, the API was significantly changed (all for the better), thus the command line interface I wrote for it (which relies on Hook’s AppleScript library) required an overhaul.

The CLI has several new features, including a command for searching bookmarks by url or name, fzf for selecting files to operate on, and built-in shell completion scripts for bash, zsh, and fish. Check out the project page and see the GitHub README for full documentation.

If you already have the gem installed, you can update it to work with Hook 2.0 using gem update hookapp.