Web Excursions are select bookmarks from my travels around the interwebs, because I'm always thinking about you while discovering other people's cool stuff. You mean that much to me. You can see all of my (public) bookmarks on Pinboard, and visit the bookmarks archive for curated lists across the last few years.

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I am, as you may know, a huge fan of Tower for my Git GUI needs on my Mac, but there are times you have to stick with your terminal (e.g. over SSH). If you’d still like some GUI ease for staging and commits on the command line, this little tool is pretty slick.
CustomShortcuts — Customize menu keyboard shortcuts
An excellent utility from the maker of HoudahSpot. Seriously, it’s really good. It makes the process of assigning custom shortcuts to macOS application menu items a cinch, with autocompletion to help navigate menu hierarchies and get menu titles exactly right. It will even check for overlaps with ambiguous menu titles, and allow you to copy/paste shortcuts between applications, all things that System Preferences won’t do for you. It’s free, get it.
A sweet little CLI for local network file and text transfers. Kind of like Airdrop for the command line. It even has the ability to send files based on lists you copied from Finder to the clipboard, and the ability to send and receive text directly from and to the clipboards on the sending and receiving machines.
jakedeichert/mask: 🎭 A CLI task runner defined by a simple markdown file
This is a different take on what I did with my howzit project. I really like the approach, basically making Markdown-formatted Makefiles.
The unofficial WWDC app for macOS
If you’re not loving Apple’s official Developer (Catalyst) app on your Mac, here’s a good alternative. The download link is broken as of this writing, but you can get the latest release on GitHub.

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