Web Excursions are select bookmarks from my travels around the interwebs, because I'm always thinking about you while discovering other people's cool stuff. You mean that much to me. You can see all of my (public) bookmarks on Pinboard, and visit the bookmarks archive for curated lists across the last few years.

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Siri Shortcuts and Screen Time coming to the Mac
While I don’t want Screen Time on my Mac, I do want Shortcuts. I just hope that a Marzapan implementation of Shortcuts isn’t going to replace Automator completely. Partly just because I doubt it will have a Run Shell Script action that’s as useful…
Cursor Pro
Hey, it’s a modern Mouseposé! (If you don’t remember Mouseposé, it’s a tool for highlighting your cursor on the screen for screencasting.)
I learned about this clipboard manager for Mac and iOS via Macdrifter and am really impressed with it on my MacBook Pro and iPad Pro.
If you’re into iOS Shortcuts, you’ve probably already seen this, but if you’re curious about the capabilities, this is a great site to explore.
Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019
The consistently relevant results of StackOverflow’s yearly developer survey are out. If you’re a dev (or even a casual observer) interested in the state of the tech job world, don’t miss it.

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