Thanks to A Fine Start for sponsoring this week!

A Fine Start is a browser extension that replaces your new tab page with a minimal list of links that you can group and sort however you like. Get one-click access to your most visited websites and apps every time you open a new tab.

If you have ever thought of a blank new tab as a resting place away from the chaos of the web, then you will love A Fine Start’s minimal and chill aesthetic.

A Fine Start saves your links directly in your browser. You can export/import them into A Fine Start on other browsers and devices. And all of that functionality is free forever.

If you want the convenience of automatic syncing between different browsers and devices, you can get a Premium account for just $5 a month, no password required.

As a disabled developer who relies heavily on a mouse, I originally created A Fine Start for myself—to provide quick access to common sites. Over the years I have found others love it just as much I do. I think you will, too.

Get it for Chrome and Firefox, or use the web version in your favorite browser.