Thanks to MeisterTask for sponsoring this week. I’ve been using MeisterTask extensively—including integration with Slack and GitHub—for collaborative projects for quite a while now. I’m happy to offer my endorsement!

MeisterTask is a Kanban-based task manager that’s all about working smarter instead of harder. While the interface is deliberately simple and sleek, a number of handy automation features hide below the surface, ready to bring your productivity to the next level:

Automations: In MeisterTask, you can set up automatic actions that are triggered whenever a task is created in or moved to a specific section in your project. Want to notify a Slack channel about all new tasks? Or stop the time tracking when a task is completed? Everything can be automated with a few quick clicks to ensure that you work more consistently and efficiently.

Integrations: To help you create the perfect workflow, MeisterTask comes readily integrated with dozens of popular tools such as Slack, Zendesk, Spark, MindMeister and Github. Thanks to Zapier and IFTTT, you can even connect projects with your smart kitchen appliances, if that’s what you want.

Predefined checklists: When you save a checklist, you can quickly load it into any new task you create. This simple trick is perfect for tasks that come up on a recurring basis and require the same steps, such as sending a weekly newsletter for instance.

Custom fields: Sometimes, you want all tasks within a project to contain certain pieces of information. If you set up a project to track support tickets, you probably want each task to include things like the ticket number, the user’s operating system, and the app version they’re using. With MeisterTask, all these things can be defined as custom fields, which are automatically added to the task’s description.

Being web-based, MeisterTask is location and platform independent, making it a great choice for remote teams and all those who want to collaborate with external stakeholders. If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful team task manager, head on over to MeisterTask and give it a try. You can use the code BRETT15 to get 15% off your first year with the annual pricing plan!