If you’ve ever been curious about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies —and perhaps wondering how to make some money with them — my friend Andreas Zeitler from zCasting 3000 has a new video course documenting what he learned getting into Bitcoin and turning a profit.

Andreas has brought us some great lessons at Mac OS X Screencasts including useful tutorials on Hazel and Scrivener, and is a host of Der Übercast as well as a guest writer here. He’s a very smart guy.

Last year he was looking for investment opportunities but became frustrated with typical investments. His interest in Bitcoin was sparked after the OPEN 2016 conference in Stuttgart.

Starting from scratch with a low buy-in, he’s already made 100x his initial investment. This 4-hour course details everything he learned over a year of trading Bitcoin. It moves from beginner to advanced (because he’s a veteran producer of educational materials) and covers everything you’d need to get started for yourself, as well as a PDF with annotations and links to deep-dive information.

The course is available for $50. Andreas has provided me three copies to give away, which you can enter for below. Winners for that will be drawn on Friday, June 9th at 12pm CST.

If you don’t want to wait, you can use the coupon code brett-5off to get a discount on a copy right now (good until July 9th).

Also check out the Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain group that Andreas runs on Facebook.

Sorry, this giveaway has ended.