The Systematic casting call is open for submissions! Here’s the TLDR: I’m looking for new podcast guests for Systematic and you can submit an intro to the Audiodrop. More details at the end, but here’s some backstory.

If you’ve followed my story over the last year, it’s been a rough one. To sum up: I’ve been treated for ADHD and bi-polar for the last decade, successfully, and the diagnoses and treatment changed my life. A year ago, the psychiatrist I’d been seeing for the last 5 years retired, and when I was placed with a new one, he immediately cut most of my meds. This left me unable to work, and the process of trying to find a new doctor went horribly, ultimately leaving me with the label of “doctor shopper” and making it nearly impossible to get help. Over this time, all of my work suffered, including progress on BitWriter (the commercial nvALT) and Marked 2, and my podcast schedule (Overtired and Systematic) dwindled to every other week at best.

I recently underwent extensive (and expensive) testing to “prove” my conditions were real. My bi-polar diagnosis changed slightly to a more generalized “cycling mood disorder,” and my ADHD diagnosis was augmented to “ADHD Inattentive.” I applied for a waiting list for the psych department at the facility that handled the testing, and just came up on the list a couple of weeks ago.

My new doctor there was able to take my history of successful treatment and my test results and put me back on the meds that helped me. I’m currently back to work and extremely grateful that the nightmare is over. I actually think I’m in an even better place than before, as the year without meds forced me to focus on other ways to deal with my ADHD, including exercise and meditation, and now I can augment the medications with practices that keep me not only productive, but far healthier than I’ve been in the last decade.

So, the casting call

As a result, I’m working on amping my Systematic schedule back up. This means I need more guests!

To sum up the show, I’ll quote my favorite iTunes review ever: “Brett asks the awkward questions with wide-eyed curiosity.” We talk about the jobs and hobbies that make each guest unique, and I learn something every week. I make a point of bringing on guests that no one in the tech/podcast world have heard from before, and love talking to people outside of the usual “tech” community.

So what makes you qualified to be a guest?

  • You love what you do, whether it’s your day job or a side pursuit
  • You’re open and willing to answer those “awkward questions”
  • You have a decent microphone (or can borrow one) and internet connection

To apply, you can record a short introduction. It doesn’t need to be long, just enough to let me know what you do that might be interesting. Upload it to the Audiodrop and add a message with any details or links you’d like. I sometimes take a while time to get back to people, but I review every submission. I’d love to hear from you!

If you don’t personally want to be a guest but would like to suggest one, please feel free to use the contact form to let me know!