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The list of web scraping services keeps growing. This one is especially nice due to its visual builder, just click to highlight and define portions of a web page to create your own data-gatering tool.
santinic/how2: stackoverflow from the terminal
There are a few good command line tools for accessing StackOverflow answers, but this one goes the extra step of incorporating Google search to overcome some shortcomings in the StackOverflow API.
Convert informal date-times in TaskPaper 3
I love this Keyboard Maestro macro for detecting @due(tomorrow) type strings when typing in TaskPaper 3 and automatically turning them into @due(2016-02-24) format. The scripting engine in TaskPaper 3 is completely reworked, so I’m still feeling my way around that, as well as continuing to be amazed at what Keyboard Maestro can do.
“Use your terminal shell to do awesome things.” A long list of useful tools for command line hackers from Marcel Bischoff. Also check out Marcel’s list of OS X-specific commands.
How to Secure Your WordPress Blog/Site
A comprehensive guide to hardening WordPress installations against attacks. I’m not using WordPress these days, but I’ve had a lot of experience with it and this is a great resource.

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