Creatable is running a “Mac Pick A Bundle” promo right now where you can pick any 10 apps out of a list of 30 and pay $39. The app selection has some true gems (i.e. “things I would buy at full price”). You can see the full selection at the promo page.

I own all the most valuable (to me) ones already, but I thought you should know about this. Because I love you. Some of these usually cost more individually than the price of the entire bundle, so if you don’t already have them, you should check it out.

My favorites:

  • Paw (awesome for API testing)
  • Scrivener (awesome for writing long form)
  • Soulver (awesome for talking yourself through equations)
  • Mail Pilot 2 (awesome if you’re not already using MailMate)
  • Downie 2 (awesome for stealing videos)
  • Scapple (awesome for unstructured brainstorming)
  • Emulsion (awesome if you miss Aperture)
  • Deep Dreamer (awesome if you like generating pretty pictures)
  • Pixa (awesome for icon management, among other photo tasks)
  • Rapidweaver 6 (awesome if you’re not a web designer but need websites)
  • Posterino (I don’t use it every day, but it’s awesome for collages when you need it)

There are plenty more to choose from, including Typed from Realmac, iShowU Studio, Freeway Pro 7, and a dozen others. Check out the bundle at