Bundle Hunt

I just want to point out that the current Bundle Hunt bundle is awesome. I own (and love) every app included and have half of the books, icons and themes or I’d buy it myself right now. If you’re missing more than $50 worth of the bundled items, it’s worth it. You can always gift redundant licenses to friends in need.

Bundle Hunt apps

The bundle includes:

  • iStopMotion Home, the best stop-motion animation app available
  • LittleSnapper, still the best app for collecting screenshots and websnaps
  • TotalFinder, the lightest-weight and easiest way to add tabbed-browsing and other handy features (including X for cutting files and pasting elsewhere)
  • Default Folder X, the app that turns your Open/Save dialogs in any program into magically delicious file-handling tools
  • Typinator: it’s not TextExpander, but it’s close. I’m biased.
  • Keyboard Maestro, the most powerful keyboard shortcut and macro utility I’ve ever seen
  • Phoneview, full access to the content on your iPhone and iPad
  • an assortment of icons (Picons), glyphs (Glyph Ocean), Smashing Magazine e-books and WordPress themes (your choice of 4 from ThemeFuse).

There are, at the time of this writing, 10 days left to grab the bundle for US $49.