Thanks to FeedPress for sponsoring this week. I use FeedPress for all of my RSS and podcasting needs, so I’m happy to have their support!

FeedPress Is Made for Bloggers and Podcasters

FeedPress is a simple, intuitive, and powerful RSS analytics and podcast hosting platform. We feature powerful subscriber and podcast download tracking, integrated newsletters, automated publishing to popular social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, a slick drag and drop podcast hosting interface, and everything you need in order to submit an optimized feed to iTunes.

With 250MB of flexible file storage that rolls over monthly, you can easily upload 4 episodes per month. Upgrading storage is easy and affordable, starting at a flat rate of just $20 for 1GB.

Valet migration

Let’s face it, you’ve probably thought about moving from the aging FeedBurner. FeedPress offers an automatic migration tool so you can make that transition with ease. Answer a few simple questions and the rest is taken care of. Your feeds and subscriber data will be transitioned into your FeedPress account, leaving you free to do focus on what you do best—make content.

The perfect time is now to have all of your analytics and podcast hosting in a beautiful and unified dashboard. FeedPress offers free migration assistance and will take care of the hard work for you. Support is responsive and available 7 days a week via email. Get in touch so we can help!.

History And Trust

FeedPress now serves more than 30 million requests per month and is trusted by many popular blogs and podcasting networks such as: GoodStuff, ESN, Mule Radio, Unprofessional, The New Disruptors, Beautiful Pixels, Inessential, Macgasm, The Brooks Review, 512Pixels, and of course Brett Terpstra.

14 Day Trial

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FeedPress: RSS analytics and podcast hosting, done right.