Thanks to Smile and TextExpander 5 for sponsoring this week! TextExpander has been a vital part of my workflow on every Mac I’ve ever owned, and version 5 does not disappoint.

TextExpander helps you type faster by allowing you to define abbreviations that expand into text, rich text, or even images when you type them. Version 5 speeds up your typing even more by letting you know when you repeat frequently-typed phrases, and making it easy to add abbreviations for them. TextExpander 5 also reminds you of missed opportunities to use your existing abbreviations while you’re typing.

Sync your snippets across multiple devices, storing them anywhere on iCloud Drive or Dropbox.

Set a hotkey for inline search so that all you need is a fragment of your snippet to find and expand it quickly.

Create fill-in snippets to personalize and standardize repetitive replies.

TextExpander 5 adds support for JavaScript, which also works in TextExpander touch for iPad and iPhone.

Save time and effort with TextExpander from Smile.

TextExpander 5 requires Yosemite.